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ORGANIC PRODUCTS BASED ON GOOD SCIENCE! Why dogs will prefer Bonnie & Bailey's shampoos


First in an occasional series to explain the science behind Bonnie & Bailey’s organic, natural care products.  

Oil versus Water

What could be less alike than oil and water?  Even chalk and cheese are more similar.  Ever try to dissolve oils or grease in water?  You’ll know that it’s impossible!  Those two want absolutely  nothing to do with each other.  Water wants to keep to water, and oil to oil, and there’s no third way. 

Or is there?

Surfactants - an everyday miracle

The miracle of getting oils and grease to dissolve in water is performed every day by you, me and everyone in the world, every time they use a soap or detergent.  You use washing up liquid to get that congealed grease of your crockery?  You’ve dissolved the grease in the washing water!  How can something so everyday be so special?

All soaps and shampoos contain surfactants. These amazing substances have the remarkable property of enabling greasy materials to dissolve in water, through a process called micelle formation. At the level of the infinitesimally small molecules that make up everything in the world, the surfactant has a water-hating long fatty tail, that combines with and wraps up the greasy dirt.  It also has a water loving head - so that the combination (called a micelle) can dissolve in water!   The cartoon on the right shows how this works!

Did you know?  The scientific terms for water loving and water hating are the delightful words "hydrophilic" and "hydrophobic" - the latter can also be described as "lipophilic" or "grease-loving"!  Useful information for all pub quizzers!

SLS's - the bad guys of the surfactant world

The bad news is that most shampoos contain very aggressive surfactants, such as SLS (aka sodium dodecyl sulphonate). These carry a negative charge in the water loving head - a sulphonic acid, which is the second S of SLS.  They are called anionic surfactants.  SLS is a bulk chemical synthesized by treating lauryl alcohol with sulphur trioxide gas, oleum (aka fuming sulphuric acid), or chlorosulphonic acid, followed by treatment with caustic soda.  Whilst cheap and effective, these anionic sufactants can strip the skin of vital oils, exacerbate underlying skin sensitivities, and also disrupt processes in the skin cells. They are also excluded by the Soil Association from any products that they certify.

The Organic Answer - Decyl Glucoside

We have formulated our shampoos with a non-charged, neutral, naturally derived surfactant called DECYL GLUCOSIDE. This is made from two natural materials - decanol (from plants) and the sugar glucose. It is on the coveted GRAS list (a list of substances Generally Recognized As Safe), is absolutely acceptable to the criterial of the Soil Association.  Glucose, like most sugars, is highly water soluble, and forms the water-loving head and is gentle, but highly effective. It is also rapidly biodegradable, returning to the environmentally clean natural components of Glucose and decanol. You can therefore expect the very best, sensitive care for your loved one!

I hope you will indulge me, as a chemist, for putting in the rather nice chemical formula of Decyl Glucoside for your inspection!

Our Scientific Team

We at Bonnie & Bailey believe passionately in enlisting the best science in the cause of ethical, organic, natural care products.  Our scientific team draws on the experience of two animal health professionals, with more than 50 years experience between them in the provision of medicines and products for the health and well being of pets.

What do you think?  Let us have your comments and experiences!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The SOIL ASSOCIATION - your best and only guarantee of the quality of your organic dog products!

The SOIL ASSOCIATION - your best and only guarantee of the quality of your organic dog products!

Take Bonnie & Bailey's quick fun quiz!

Q:  A dog shampoo, labelled "organic", is required by law to contain what % of organic ingredients? Is it:
(a) 100%  
(b) 50% 
(c) 20%  
(d) 10%?

A:  NONE OF THE ABOVE!  There is no current legal requirement for dog product such as a shampoo, described as "organic", to contain ANY genuine organic ingredients!
In other words, the organic content of an "organic" dog shampoo could be ZERO!

"Organic" - It's all in the certification!  Keep Calm and Look for the Soil Association Logo!

  • Bonnie & Bailey are proud to be the first provider of Soil Association certified shampoos and fragrances for dogs
  • The Soil Association Logo on the label is your guarantee that a product has genuine organic credentials - be it is a cosmetic, food, fabric or many other products
  • The Soil Association requires extremely rigorous "chapter and verse" on the origins and organic quality of all ingredients before issuing certification
  • For more information, see Soil Association Website
The Curious Adventures of Bonnie & Bailey in Search of Soil Association Certification
  • We couldn't use SLS surfactants (that's "scientific" for detergent) like most dog shampoos.  Had to figure a natural surfactant - decyl glucoside.  You won't be surprised to learn that it is derived from natural glucose! (More on this in a later blog).
  • Did you know?  Suppose an ingredient is available of genuine organic quality.  And a much cheaper, non-organic version is also readily available.   The Soil Association have an absolute mandate that the organic ingredient be used in the product.  Economizing on expense cannot be a reason for using non-organic ingredients.
  • Strange but True Fun Fact:  Water as an ingredient cannot be classified as organic!  So, any product containing water will by definition have an organic content less than 100%!
  • Exotic Explorations in Search of Fascinating Organic Ingredients! Some of the organic versions of our essential oils can only be sourced from Madagascar, Morocco or Paraguay!!

A Cautionary Tale of Misrepresentation (some names have been changed!)
  • Bonnie & Bailey became aware of a US dog shampoo, for sale online.  
  • Advertised as "natural" and "organic".
  • Claimed free of SLS - or sodium lauryl sulphate, to give it its full name.
  • That is true, but only up to a point.
  • However, the detergent base is ammonium lauryl sulphate.
  • The "bad guy" here has nothing to do with the sodium or ammonium!  That's like talking as if granulated sugar and caster sugar are different!  The sugar is the relevant bit!
  • It's the lauryl sulphate, the LS, who is the villain.  It's the thing anyone with a concern over organic products would pay to avoid.
  • More - there is no possible sense in which ammonium lauryl sulphate can be said to be "natural" and "organic".
  • Bonnie & Bailey say:  Do as we do and look for certification you can trust!
What do you think?  Let us have your comments and experiences!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Inaugural Bonnie & Bailey Dog Organic Care Blogpost - Introducing our Shampoos and Fragrances

WELCOME TO The Inaugural Bonnie & Bailey Blogpost!

Introducing Bonnie & Bailey - Inventors and producers of organic and natural care products for your dog!

We, the Bonnie & Bailey team, are extremely excited to launch our new blog!  We want to reach out and engage with all those who are passionate about providing the best care for their beloved dogs.  For us at Bonnie & Bailey, the best care means products with maximal content that is:
In our posts, we aim to provide you with information, guidance and practical advice on the very best care for your dogs.  To start -  here's a bit about our company.

In July 2013, the founder members of Bonnie & Bailey - with a unique combined expertise in the areas of natural essential oils, and animal health - embarked on a journey to design the finest organic and natural dog shampoos and fragrances.  We were especially happy to receive the coveted certification from the SOIL ASSOCIATION for the genuine organic content of our products.  This certification is the only way to be sure that the shampoos and fragrances are genuinely organic - look for the symbol!

We are proud that these are now on sale, and comprise the following range.
Citrus Zing: Brings a unique blend of intense citrussy fragrances for maximum freshness – Mandarin Orange, Clementine, and the unusual Petitgrain Citrus from Paraguay, and   Organic Pomegranate extract.
Puppies & Gentle Skin: Enriched with Chamomile, Lemongrass and Rosemary -  selected from our analysis of 22 essential oils as providing the best all-round skin care and an invigorating fragrance.
Derma Soothe: Our unique scientific analysis of 22 essential oils pinpointed Jojoba, exotic Argan from Morocco and Vitamin E as our top choice for optimal skin care.  Fragrance-free for maximum gentleness.
Bonnie & Bailey Fragrance Spritz Pour Femme: A synergistic blend of specially sourced exotic Organic fragrances with a feminine character, including Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Neroli, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang - plus Australian Sandalwood  for deep lasting fragrance.
Bonnie & Bailey Fragrance Spritz Pour Homme: A unique blend of Organic fragrances with a male character, including Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin plus Cedarwood notes  for a persistent fragrance.

There is a further shampoo awaiting production:
Bugs Away:  Neem - centuries-old repellent used in India since Vedic times.  Known as Arishta, Reliever of Sickness. Cajeput (Indonesia) and Niaouli (Australia) identified as highly effective essential oil repellents in a definitive 2006 study.

We are especially proud of this product, as it exploits the state of the art scientific experience of our team in research on protection of your dogs from insects!

Our products are gentle for your dog.  Here's some of the things you won't find in our products:

X    No SLS’s or harsh surfactants - only gentle, naturally-derived detergents
X    No Parabens
X    No Pesticides
X    No Lanolin
X    No plastic bottles - only recyclable aluminium
X    No Phthalate plasticizers

We hope you know us a bit better now, and look forward to your comments and engagement.  You can learn more about us on: 

Watch this space for more from Bonnie & Bailey!